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images-1.44/bf2.4 network install via apt-proxy fails

I'm guessing I did something wrong here, but...

apt-proxy has been working good over the last couple of weeks since I
started it up, has worked great with all the security updates.   For the
first time a tried to do an insatll with in and it fails.  Using the:


Install floppies, all goes well until I start trying to download the
base packages.  The install returnes "The server was unavailable or
contains no resease files", and apt-proxy.log prints:

[26575 12:35:49]  Wed Aug 14 12:35:49 EDT 2002 Request /debian/dists/woody/Release
[26575 12:35:49]  Bad URL /debian/dists/woody/Release is not serviced by this server

All my sources.list files point to stable, not woody, and
/var/cache/apt-proxy/debian/dists/ has a stable directory, and not
woody.  My add_backend lines look like:

add_backend /main/                                      \
        $APT_PROXY_CACHE/debian/                        \
        ftp.us.debian.org::debian/                      \

add_backend /non-US/                                    \
        $APT_PROXY_CACHE/non-US/                        \
        ftp.de.debian.org::debian-non-US/               \
        ftp2.de.debian.org::debian-non-US/              \

add_backend /security/                                  \
        $APT_PROXY_CACHE/security/                      \
        security.debian.org::debian-security/           \

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