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Re: OT: What do Deb-heads do for recreation

> i'm the only exception to this bunch that i can
> think of (correct me
> if i'm wrong, martin) -- i'm a CS minor (music
> major), but even if i
> had been planning to do something professionally
> geeky after college,
> problems with my wrists sustained from my full-time
> geek job this
> summer have shown me that physically, that's not
> such a good idea
> (especially if i want to keep playing viola).

I understand that changing to the dvorak setup on the
keyboard will help releave the tension on the wrists. 
I do not know this for a fact as I do not have that
problem (yet).

> on the other hand, that's only accounting for people
> i know who run
> linux on their own computers.  more than a third of
> the current
> student body has accounts on our school's
> student-run server (which
> runs debian, i might add :).  that is not to say
> that they all do much
> with them, but i think most users know how to read
> mail, finger other
> users, and use talk.  and i think it's safe to say
> that the vast
> majority of them will not become computer
> professionals after
> graduation.
> i also know a handful of macOSX users who have done
> more than a little
> exploring into the unix sides of their systems.
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