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Re: PDFLatex with included graphics

Hi Thomas

> Your preamble may not be correct.
> When using pdflatex, I use
> \usepackage[pdftex]{epsfig}
> (note the pdftex option instead of dvips)
Thanks, this seems to do the trick. Is there no way to make my source
"compatable" with both?  Ie. no changes needed wheter I run with
pdflatex or latex?

> Actually I rarely use pdflatex anymore.  There are differences in 
> creating pdf files with embedded hyperlinks, but for standard pdf with 
> graphics, I generally create the postscript file and then use ps2pdf
> This way, I don't have to bother converting all the images.
Hmm, thats the opinion I am begining to form too.  I did not know about
the -Ppdf option for dvips, so I was really just looking for scalable
fonts.  Since I don't need hyperlinks, or any other fancy things, I
think I'll just stick to ps2pdf then.


> Cheers,
> Tom
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