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Re: cdrom / cdwriter mouting problem

On 09 Aug 2002 13:00:02 -0400
Scott Henson <shenson2@sandm.hn.org> wrote:

> > I heard packet writing may be supported in kernel 2.6. I don't know 
>  > about reading packet written cdrw, though. You could try some
>  > "close CD" or "make CD readable in other drives" feature in your
>  > windoze app.
>  Well there is also experimental packet writing support in
>  2.4.20-pre1-ac1  I just noticed it when I was compiling a new kernel
>  yesterday.  It is listed under udf file system.  The UDF read support
>  is listed as new and the UDF write support is listed as experimental
>  and dangerous.  Im not sure what its dangerous to.  It could be just
>  that your wasting cd-rs or that you might kill your cd-rw.  I dont
>  know which, but Im thinking when I get a new batch of cd-r's in Im
>  going to test out this UDF.

UDF doesn't necessarily mean packet writing.

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