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Re: Changing the environment of a running process

> So I am jealous of MS Windows users who (if they have downloaded the
> appropriate stuff) have a little box on their screen which they can
> click on to switch the input from (e.g.) "Japanese" to
> "English". In modern versions of MS Word, for instance, it is
> no problem to input Japanese as well as several European
> dialects (with accents, etc.) into the same document.

i'm not sure if i'm answering to your question, but if it's only about
switching the keyboard/keymapping then it's not a big deal. i'm working
with a swiss-german keyboard, so i need a swiss-german keymap. i'm using
gnome and use gkb to have the appropriate keymap that allows me to input
accented characters. you can add an applet to your panel (gkb-applet-2)
and then you can switch between various keymapping by clicking on the
icon. i have no idea if this works out for japanese as well, i assume
there are other issues with double-byte characters and so forth.

take a look at the projects website: http://projects.gnome.hu/gkb/

if you are using KDE there should be a similar program available.


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