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Re: Conversion of the root fs to LVM on woody

Thanks for the good help and nice lvm links!

Going for lvm was just what I wanted. I have read all
the docs in your links.

What I have done is this. Installed lvm10 and devfsd.
Made pv's, vg's and lv's on all partitions but kept /
(root fs) for now. All seems to work just fine.

But at boot /etc/init.d/lvm gives this:

vgscan --reading all physical volumes
modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module block-major-114
vgscan --found inactive volume group "vg_base"
vgscan --"/etc/lvmtab" and "/etc/lvmtab.d" successfully created
modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module block-major-114
vgchange --volume group "vg_base" successfully activated

The "modprobe" outprints are about 50 a piece.

Do I have a problem? How do I fix the lvm boot secuence?

I have checked 'lsmod' and I have two lvm entries
there. I have checked /etc/modules.conf and it
contains a "block" and "char" entry, none with 114.

Thanks in advance!

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