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Re: How to use "dpkg -i" properly? (How to find missing packages?)

On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 22:56, Abdul Latip wrote:
> Hello:
> First, apology for my poor english. I have post this before,
> which unfortunately was misunderstood (or perhaps I misunderstood
> the answers?).
> At home, I have got a computer with no good net access. Also, I 
> have got two woody CDROMs. With a quick and dirty way, I have 
> copied those whole CDROMs into /usr/local/CDn so they can be 
> accessed by using the standard apt way.
> Unfortunately, sometimes it will miss some packages; which I
> will copy manually into disketts at office. Then, I will run
> "dpkg -i" to install them. 
> Currently, I am in trouble because I miss "zendapi_20020429".
> I have already tried all tricks I know; including reading
> the Debian FAQ. Unfortunately I could not find that package.
> Problems:
> - Currently, all packages -- that are installed manually; will be
>   marked as "obsolete". Is there anyway to change that mark?
> - Is it possible to put all my .debs into /usr/local/deb ;
>   and accessed by the apt tool? May I know how to create 
>   the "Packages" list file? The Debian FAQ refers to the
>   New Maintainer Guide; unfortunately; I could not find the
>   command to create the "Packages" file for a directory.
> - Last, (and apology), may I know how to find "zendapi_20020429"?

So you think zendapi_20020429 is somewhere below /usr/local/CDn?

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