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Re: Is there an apt-get install log?

Once upon a time Gary Turner said...
> On Wed, 07 Aug 2002 23:47:44 -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> <snip>
> >[...]
> >> COLUMNS=120 dpkg -l | grep "^i" | cut -b 5- > pkgs_woody.current
> >
> >Hmm...  'dpkg -l' will truncate the name if it is too big for the
> >field.  Is there a way to get the entire name?  Something similar to
> >--get-selections but including the version like --list?
> Bob, could you cite an example of the name being cut off?  Worst case
> I've found is that a few letters of the description are lost. The
> package name and version have always been complete.  (So far as I've
> noticed.)

Using COLUMNS=120 will truncate the package names at 24 characters.
Using COLUMNS=155 will truncate the package names at 32 characters.

I have some package names longer than even 32 chars (kernel-image
packages for my custom kernels, as well as the associated module

It would be nice if dpkg had an output format that did not truncate any
fields, but has the same info as dpkg -l. It's a given that someone out
there wants to parse the output with a program rather than with their
eye. That's how the unix shell is meant to work.

Cameron Hutchison (camh@xdna.net) | Onward To Mars

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