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Re: exim configuration problem. why is it doing this?

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 02:31:28PM -0700, Paul E Condon wrote:


> My problem is that every 15 minutes, the modem becomes active, the ppp
> connection is established and held up for 30 to 60 s and then dropped.
> I have traced this to exim, by the simple expedient of deinstalling
> various packages until the dialing stopped. I don't want dialing every
> 15 minutes. Why is it happening? I have not queued any outing email.
> Anyway, exim is configured to dial out immediately when an email is
> sent from a MUA. So there can't be a queue of messages waiting to go
> out. And, no one on the outside knows what my internal IP addresses
> are, so no one can be sending me mail. So what is going on?
> If the answer is too long for this list, please point me to it. I'm
> puzzled.

Just a wild guess, here. I wonder if exim is doing some name searching
for some reason? I have this problem with machined running ppp as a
daemon. If I try to telnet or ssh into such a machine, it will dial out,
despite the fact that my nsswitch and resolv.conf tell the machine to
look at the hosts file for local names. Bottom line is that telnet and
ssh do name resolution that will cause a dial-out if such a service is
available. So I just wonder if exim is doing something similar.


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