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Re: exim configuration problem. why is it doing this?

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 22:31, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I run a small home LAN. Two Debian Woodies, and two Macintoshes. One
> of the Woodies acts as a community link to the Internet via ppp, and
> diald. Both Woodies are default installations, which have exim
> installed, and configured with option 2. 
> My problem is that every 15 minutes, the modem becomes active, the ppp
> connection is established and held up for 30 to 60 s and then dropped.
> I have traced this to exim, by the simple expedient of deinstalling
> various packages until the dialing stopped. I don't want dialing every
> 15 minutes. Why is it happening? I have not queued any outing email.
> Anyway, exim is configured to dial out immediately when an email is
> sent from a MUA. So there can't be a queue of messages waiting to go
> out. And, no one on the outside knows what my internal IP addresses
> are, so no one can be sending me mail. So what is going on?
> If the answer is too long for this list, please point me to it. I'm
> puzzled.

Make sure that exim is configured to use smarthost. Otherwise, when mail
deliver fails, it will keep it in the spool and try again every few
minutes  (configurable).



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