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Re: ext3 file system - journal size

Tom Pfeifer <tplists@optonline.net> writes:

> Bob Hilliard wrote:
>>     The manpage for mke2fs requires a size parameter for the -j option
>> when making an ext3 file system.  Can anyone give guidelines for
>> selecting the size of the journal?
>> Bob
> Unless I'm misreading that man page (for mke2fs), the size parameter is
> only for when you specify an external journal with the -J option. When
> you use -j, the size is automatically determined and you can't specify
> it. 

     Thanks to you and the other responders for the wakeup call.  Yes,
I was misreading the manpage, but I think you are also.  The -J option
is not only for specifying an external journal.  Note the last
sentence of the -J section:

              Only one of the size or device options can be given
              for a filesystem.

     Thanks again.


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