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Re: Java/Mozilla - serious failure

Ben Thompson wrote:


I'm running sid with mozilla 1.0.0-3 and j2re1.3 apt-getted from the ftp.tux.org blackdown mirror. They were both working fine for a few weeks until the other day when web browsing a site with java, mozilla suddenly quit. Now every time I try to access a sit which has Java, I have problems. Mozilla usually quits immediately. Please could anyone suggsest how to find out whats wrong?

Thanks, Ben Thompson.

I had some problems with Java/Moz the other day; finally gave up. However, during the process, I had moz crash on me quite a bit. Each time I had to restore prefs.js from a backup that I had in order to get Moz to start up again. If you don't have a backup of that file, or that's not a solution for you, you can move your current .mozilla directory out of the way (rename it), and then Moz should start clean; you can then copy over your mail files and bookmarks and address books, etc, and reset some of your preferences.



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