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Re: apt-cdrom and loopback .iso files


Glyn Kennington wrote on Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 09:39:39AM +0100: 
gk> packages off these CDs, rather than mounting each one twice until I find
gk> the right package, copying it over, and running dpkg manually.  Can
gk> anyone suggest a small script, workaround or config-file option that I
gk> could use to access the files via loopback?

if you have enough diskspace, just copy all the ISO images to your disk.
1. Edit your fstab to read...

/cd-image-dir/disk1.iso /debian-disks/1 iso9660 defaults,ro,loop 0 0
/cd-image-dir/disk2.iso /debian-disks/2 iso9660 defaults,ro,loop 0 0
/cd-image-dir/diskXX.iso /debian-disks/XX iso9660 defaults,ro,loop 0 0

2. Edit your sources.list to read:

deb file:/debian-disks/1/debian main <sections that you want>
deb file:/debian-disks/2/debian main <sections that you want>
deb file:/debian-disks/XX/debian main <sections that you want>

3. apt-get update

Now you will be able to do everything without having to pop in your CDs


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