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Re: APM + ACPI in kernel? (was Re: Debian 3.0r0 wont 'powerdown')

<quote who="Patrick Wiseman">
> On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Colin Watson wrote:
>> Perhaps your system uses ACPI rather than APM for power management. They
>> can't both be compiled into the kernel at the same time, so you'll have
>> to recompile.
> I have both compiled into my 2.4.18 kernel.  If I want ACPI, I put
> 'apm=off' in my lilo.conf; if I want APM, I don't and, since APM is
> activated first, ACPI just doesn't initiate.  Is it not good to set
> things up that way?  It seems to work - ACPI is up at the moment, as this
>  excerpt from dmesg says:

if your hardware supports it..i sent some feedback to SuSe about
SuSE 8. i installed it on my sister's dual p2-233 with an Asus P2L97-DS
which does not appear to support ACPI. The normal kernel booted fine
but when the system rebooted to boot the system the installer had
copied a SMP kernel over which had ACPI compiled in, system locked
hard every time it booted while trying to load that #$#@!$ ACPI, 4
hours later i finished tracing it down and compiling a new SMP kernel
without ACPI and the system worked fine.

if there was a acpi=off switch that would be fine too, but in
my adventures with 2.4.18 i could not find any way to disable
ACPI without a recompile. recompiling SuSE's 2.4.18 took over
2 hours on that machine! ack.

SuSE 7.3 i guess didn't have ACPI, the SMP kernel with that worked
fine for months. i think it was 2.4.18 too.

so my point is if your building your own kernel, its probably ok
but ACPI shouldn't be in the default kernel IMO due to problems like
the above. I think its perfectly fine to have an alternate
kernel that is apt-gettable that has ACPI if the user wants it though,
I can't imagine why ACPI would be needed for basic operation

I haven't been following this thread but thought to write this
because of the massive pains i went through because of ACPI in
2.4.18 recently.

(happily running 2.2.19 on all my debian systems and will continue
to do so for the foreseeable future)

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