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Re: Debian 3.0r0 wont 'powerdown'

See below....

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Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: Debian 3.0r0 wont 'powerdown'

> On Tue, 30 Jul 2002 15:29:35 -0500
> "Ron Stordahl" <ron.stordahl@digikey.com> wrote:
> > echo apm >> /etc/modules
> > poweroff
> >
> > Again files to complete power off by dropping power.
> The above should simply make sure that apm is loaded on each boot.
> > I guess Ill just use the power button.
> At this point I would suspect that your BIOS is configured strangely.  It
> may not be allowing the OS to shut off the system.  Have you disabled
> power management by chance?

No, its enabled.

Further testing on 2 other system (Intel 810 series MB and ASUS P4) also
fail to power off with Debian 3.0.r0 (with the changes noted).  Also fails
with Mandrake 9.0 beta (where I reported the problem to the 'cooker') and
Red Hat - Limbo beta (where I filed the report with bugzilla). As I said all
power down with Win9X.  Perhaps someone will come up with the answer.

Thanks for the help....

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> Jamin W. Collins

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