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a question on performance

what could be the reason that my X (4.1, Woody, ATI Radeon card with
VESA driver) is not as performant as it could be on a 1.2GHz PIII with
1Gb of RAM? Every now and then when scrolling through a document in
vim, the scrolling will pause and then resume. This happens when
typing too, in fact, as I type this email, there's sometimes
a noticable lag between hitting the keys and the characters appearing
in the vim session. this lag can extend over multiple characters, and
there's not much running in the background (system load 0.06).

the same behaviour is displayed occassionally by the mouse. at times,
the mouse pointer will just freeze in one spot for a second before
resuming the motion i told it to do. it seems as if a harddrive access
is coincident with this. i don't have more information...

...but i appreciate any tips...

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