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Re: spamd (spamassassin) could not start

* Colin Watson (cjwatson@debian.org) wrote:
> That indicates that spamd's default port, 783, is in use. Try 'netstat
> -anp | grep 783' as root (-p only works as root) to find out what
> program's using it.
Your guess is the same as SA mailing list, that port 783 is being
used. I have tried to scan it, but nobody use that port. 

> You can also pass the -p option to spamd to change the port number,
> although you'll then have to pass the same option to spamc.
I have tried to run it under a different port, but it still
produce the same error msg "bind: Cannot assign requested address at
/usr/sbin/spamd line 135"

So any idea?



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