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Re: At peace with Debian (was: This is the last war...)

Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:

I am, however, critically examining statements you have expressed in this textual message.
No professional
in his right mind would use Debian on his business computers simply
because most  of the responses to his posts have nothing to do with the
question, but are nothing more than personal attacks.

Do professionals have to be penis bearers (his)?  What an odd statement.

Can't really award you this point. For years (up until about 20 years or so ago), it was proper (American) English grammar to refer to a generic person as "he" ("his", "him", etc), whether the person in actuality was male or female. Then there was the "s/he" and "his/her" hybrid words. Now I'm not sure what the proper grammar is, but it seems that a lot of people now refer to a generic person as "she", or oscillate between the two sexes throughout the conversation.

For anyone over 30 years old, I think the masculine phrase in generic use is going to be the standard for a lot of people for decades to come.


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