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Re: does debian really suck this much?

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On Sat, Jul 13, 2002 at 03:13:32PM -0700, Stephen Turner wrote:
> what the heck? people seek help on debian and dont get answers, people are
> getting insulted and debian supposedly has a good rep? no one answers
> questions around here! no wonder debian has a rep of being the hardest
> damn distro to install. no one can get solutions to their issues.

Right.  So answer me this:  What do you call the five answers I've given
to various people today?  Or pretty much any post by dman for as long as
you can remember?

If you aren't getting answers, you're probably asking something really
obscure that you should either email the maintainer directly about, or
(preferrably if present) a mailing list directly related to that
package.  If not that, then you're asking a question without providing
enough background information, or something that's in a FAQ.

People are getting insulted, because people like you join the list and
make underinformed posts, then get angry because a bunch of unpaid
volunteers refuse to deal with such childish behaviour.  Grow a spine
and a brain before posting again.

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