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Re: flash in galeon?

> As I recall, its pretty much the same as for netscape, but substituting
> the word 'netscape' in the path for 'galeon'. Just poke around in


> /usr/lib/galeon.
> Actually, on second thought, it may be enough to just copy it to the
> mozilla plugin directory (which on this box is
> /usr/lib/mozilla-1.0.0/plugin, however this is a redhat box).
> Well, the long and short of it is that the files need to be put in the
> galeon plugin directory, which could one of the two listed above.

Galeon is really a specialization of Mozilla and uses the pluggins
that are install for Mozilla.  Therefore install the pluggin into
mozilla and you will have it for galeon too.

But I think the debian package for flashplugin from non-free knows
about this.  I believe I just installed it and it installed into the
correct location.

  apt-get install flashplugin


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