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Re: Repost: help configuring nut for Belkin UPS?

Lo, on Wednesday, July 10, W. Paul Mills did write:

> cobbe@airmail.net (Richard Cobbe) writes:
> > To test, I ran upsmon -c fsd, and the system shortly started to shut
> > itself down, as expected.  However, when the shutdown is complete, it
> > tries to signal the UPS over the serial cable to shut off; this fails.
> > It complains about errors reading from the serial ports and a number of
> > timeouts; it eventually gives up and shuts the machine down without
> > bothering the UPS.
> I don't know about this UPS, but some UPS's will not shutdown
> by software while line power is applied.

That's not the case for this USB; I just tested it using Belkin's
software under Win98.  In either case, I'd expect a more useful error
message than serial port timeouts in that situation.

I guess I'm just going to have to fall back on Belkin's software; I'll
see if I can't put in some firewall rules to block external access to
the daemon's ports and so forth.  Yuk.


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