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Re: PS/2 mouse no longer detected after upgrade

Finally it is working, thank you for your help Kent.  /dev/psaux did spit out a bunch of stuff through "cat", so I played with gpm further, specifying one by one every mouse type listed in its man page.  When I've set the type to "fups2", it started working (although the same mouse was happily running as "ps2" under potato).  And now there is an /proc/interrupts IRQ line for the mouse, but only when the mouse is in use.  As soon as I kill gpm server, the IRQ is gone again.
Evgeny Stukalov wrote:
After dist-upgrading to woody my standard ps/2 mouse is no longer
recognized (both in console and in X), even though after the upgrade gpm and
XF86Config have roughly the same configuration as before.  Mysteriously, the
/proc/interrupts file is now missing an irq line for the mouse (it used to
be irq 12 for PS/2 Mouse).

Kent wrote:
It sounds to me like some sort of hardware glitch has developed. You
might check in the BIOS to see if there's an option to turn on/off the
mouse port.

Yeah, if it works in Windows, that pretty much eliminates it as being a hardware issue. The fact that the IRQ line is missing in /proc/interrupts bothers me. The way I understand things, that means the kernel isn't finding the mouse. I just checked the output of my dmesg and my syslogs and didn't find any reference to mouse, mice, or psaux, yet I do have an IRQ 12 line for my mouse in /proc/interrupts. I'm not sure how to diagnose this.

On a lark, I just did a "sudo cat /dev/psaux" and moved the mouse around; that generated a bunch of noise/erratic mouse movement. So you might try that just to see if it spurs any additional thought.


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