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PS/2 mouse no longer detected after upgrade


After dist-upgrading to woody my standard ps/2 mouse is no longer recognized (both in console and in X), even though after the upgrade gpm and XF86Config have roughly the same configuration as before.  Mysteriously, the /proc/interrupts file is now missing an irq line for the mouse (it used to be irq 12 for PS/2 Mouse).  I've searched through Debian mailing lists and a bunch of others but found nothing resembling this.  Please let me know if anyone has encountered something of the sort, and/or knows how to go about it.

My gpm configuration: -m /dev/psaux -t ps2 -r 15 -Rraw

XF86Config pointer section:

Device 		"/dev/gpmdata"
Protocol	"PS/2"
ZAxisMapping	4 5

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