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apt-get, get-apt, synaptic, aptitude, spastic...

After reading about the wonderful apt,dpkg,aptitude........ tools, I
am, thoroughly confused.  Thanks.

I am a 31K modem user who connects for 20 minutes a day, with little
bandwidth to spare.

Two months ago I went to the nations capitol and got the 8 woody CDs
of 5/14/02

These I have happily on /etc/apt/sources.list.

Apparently I must comment them out when connecting to the local mirror
and doing a "update".

OK, the "update" entails getting a megabyte file, therefore forget
about doing it once a day.  to bad there is no slim file of all
current package numbers, etc...  ok, dependencies may have changed,
true, so need all that info.

Maybe there is a announcement board where i can see what changed and
if it is worth a "upgrade" of xyz package.

There is a HOWTO for offline users, but it doesn't exactly cover my

Anyways, I suppose I will be doing a lot of manipulation of
sources.list, e.g. even when there is a new version on the mirror, I
want to use an older version because it is on the CD...

Anyways, great going fellas.  Several different tools, some with
shared records of what to install next time I pop in a cd, some not.
which tool replaces another? which tools complements another? yes, i'm
talking about apt apt-get syaptitc, dpkg, get-apt*, aptitude, bla
bla... my head is spinning... which tools are incompatible i.e. will
wreck system? *=joke.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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