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tunneled ssh connection is constantly dropped


I set up an ssh tunnel with the following cmd:
#ssh -g -C -N -L 8080:localhost:80 user@somehost.somedomain.com &

After a few minutes i got the following msg back and the
ssh exits.

Received disconnect from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: 2: No open channels after

I can use the tunnel, but only a few minutes. I also use 
an ssh-agent, maybe that is somehow related with the problem.
If i just open an ordinary ssh session everything works as
expected, even if i let the connection just idle it is not

Do you have any ideas what goes wrong?

Thanks in advance,


gpg key fingerprint = 6832 C8EC D823 4059 0CD1  6FBF 9383 7DBD 109E 98DC

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