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Re: should I try ext3 filesystems even though barely documented?

If you're to use it on machines that would have intermittent power
supply (like public terminals, desktop machines that you turn on/off
regularly), ext3 performs quite well. 

The documentation for ext2 aptly covers ext3 as well. S. Tweedie also
has a very good paper regarding ext3 (Journalling the Second Extended
FileSystem) thus it ain't "barely documented."

Paolo Alexis Falcone

"You are a software developer. On the cutting edge. You need the 
latest and greatest in computer technology. That's why you use, uh, 
Unix. Yeah. Anyway, even if your operating system harks back to the
1960s, you definitely can't live without the most modern software
development and management systems available" -- quote adapted 
pment and management systems available" -- quote adapted 

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