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Floppy Image to Install

On the Woody ISOs, what image do I need to put on a floppy in order to make 
it boot and begin the installation process?

I have asked this question a few times before and keep getting answers to 
questions I didn't ask and not anyone telling me where to find the image I 
need--which was the question.  The documentation says you can use a boot 
floppy to install but neglects to mention what image to use... It even goes 
so far as to demonstrate the dd and rawrite commands.... but gives only 
"image" as the image name in the examples..  This is a bug in the 

I've tried the rescue.bin and root.bin--the rescue just boots my previously 
installed Potato and the other doesn't boot anything.

So I have to ask, does an installation floppy image even exist? (Or does the 
documentation lie?)


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