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Re: kernel upgrade to 2.4.18 [Solved]

>>"Paul" == Paul E Condon <pecondon@quiknet.com> writes:

 Paul> Actually I tried it both with the link and without the link.
 Paul> With the link all the modules where created in the kernel-image
 Paul> deb file.  But without the link only a tiny fraction of the
 Paul> requested modules where created by make-kpkg. I think make-kpkg
 Paul> really does need a soft link whose name is linux, not a soft
 Paul> link to a target named linux.

	You are seeing some other problem here.

 Paul> But probably it is not make-kpkg that needs the link so much as
 Paul> some kernel build script that is invoked by make-kpkg.

	This is not the case. I always buiold all my kernels in
 /var/spool/kernel, and never ever have had a /usr/src/linucx link.

	If some module needs such a link, pleas file a bug report.

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