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Re: Can't get audio to work

On Monday 17 June 2002 06:54 pm, you wrote:
> On Jun 17, Glen Lee Edwards wrote:
> > Alex,
> >
> > I would like to thank you for your arrogant, obnoxious reply to my
> > letter.
> no problem....
> > It's people like you that keep Windows users using Windows.
> > The reason I asked for a step by step howto for setting up sound is
> > because I don't have a clue where to begin or what to look for.  If
> > I
> >
> > [snip winge winge wine wine....]
> >
> > Please don't ever respond to my posts, even if you have the answer.
> >  I have better things to do with my time than to sort through your
> > rudeness.
> consider it done, could you include a 'non-alex-reply' in your sig so
> I can pass it more easily in my mail client?
> /me ponders, could put a filter in mutt....once I get the darn POP
> account working properly.
> Could you bear with me until this happens.... ta
> Alex


Add the following to the top of your ~/.procmailrc file.  It will kill 
any letters from me before you see them.

:0 H
* 15^0 glen@fcwm.org


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