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Re:Re: Security in NON-US Woody Distribution.

>>>I installed the kdebase-crypto package tonight but still no luck with 
>>>simple things such as Hotmail and my Bank.
>>>They say it requires a protocol https and if I click on the 'padlock' 
>>>(security) icon on Konqueror's toolbar ir says "ssl support not available 
>>>in this build of konqueror". Yet now I've loaded the crypto module , if I 
>>>look at the 'configure konqueror/Crypto' it has ticks in "Allow SSLv2 and 
>>>Allow SSLv3' and now has a lot of different cypher/security type protocols 
>>>listed and checked. I'll take a look around googleand see if I can find 
>>>out what https is and where it can be downloaded to upgrade Konqueror.
>>>But if anyone else has any ideas I'd appreciate any further advise.

 Tue, 11 Jun 2002 21:51, Colin Watson wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 06:55:54PM +1200, arthur_dent wrote:
> > Why is it that when I purchased the disks for Woody here in New
> > Zealand ( I dont know if it's the same elsewhere) I get a lot of
> > NON-US software that does not seem to have much security built in.
> > i.e. I cant even log into hotmail or my bank using Konqueror browser
> > and when I click on 'security' it says  "ssl support not available in
> > this build"
> I think you need to install the kdebase-crypto package, if you haven't
> done so already.
> > Is it because Debian provides source code to their programs which is
> > under export restriction from the U.S.?
> > If so, does that mean that anyone wishing to use some form of high
> > Encryption outside of the U.S. would be forced by default into using
> > MS products, because they dont make the source available?
> The non-US archive is run from the Netherlands, and doesn't suffer from
> these export restrictions. Fortunately, the export restrictions are now
> lenient enough that our lawyers have told us that it's OK to have
> DFSG-free crypto in the US archive, which has been partially implemented
> for woody (as much as was possible in the time available).

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