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Re: Non-Browser Compliance

On 2002.06.10 06:21 Helgi Örn wrote:
On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 02:00, Ian D. Stewart wrote:
> Yep.  I remember a while back, there was a big stink because the UK
> developed an e-gov gateway that only worked with MSIE running on
> certain versions of Windows.
I also remember that case from media and a lot of angry voices on the
web too, didn't they fix this in some way?

> Don't know about where you're at,
An Icelander in Sweden... :-)

Ah, you are from the Holy Land! (I am an Asatruar). I should like very much to visit your homeland someday, but with the Amaerican economy being in the dumps, I don't know when I will get a chance.

Both the Icelanders and the Swedes are hopeless when it comes to
compliance, they simply don't give a damn, --if you run something else
than IE then that's your problem-- seems to be the most common
ASP seems to become more and more popular and it does never seem to
fully in any other browser than IE, though I don't know if the ASP
language is to blame or the programmers.

ASP itself is merely a framework which supports the embedding of programming in web pages, similiar to PHP or HTML::Mason. Most likely programmer error (or worse).

Good example of a hopeless case is the volvo.com and volvocars.com
though those pages don't even seem to work in IE either, and this is
of Swedens biggest and globally best known companys!

Don't remember if it was mentioned on here or on galeon-user, but Mozilla has a tech evangelism category in their bugzilla database. If you specify the URL(s) where you are having problems, someone from mozilla.org will contact the webmaster. Not the perfect solution, but presumably they would be more influential than you or I.

Best of luck.


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