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Why does Mozilla modify /etc/alternatives/netscape?

I am running Debian Woody/SID. I generally use Konqueror for browsing, though 
for some sites, I use Netscape v. 4.77, as Konqueror doesn't work well with 

I had Mozilla 1.0RC-2 installed, but had never run it until today. Looks 

Unfortunately, many sites I need to access EXPRESSLY DO NOT WORK with Mozilla 
or Netscape 6.0. These are unfortunately some of the most important sites I 
need to access, including some online banking sites, subscription based legal 
research sites, and others. They all work with Netscape 4.77. Most do not 
work with Mozilla/Netscape 6.

HOWEVER, having now run mozilla, if I try to run "netscape" or "communicator" 
(which used to run Nescape 4.77), Mozilla starts. It looks as though my 
simply running Mozilla once changed /etc/alternatives/netscape to point to 
mozilla instead.

I was able to fix this fairly easily by running "dpkg-reconfigure netscape", 
and now 4.77 works again. However, many Debian end users would not know what 
to do. 

Given the fact that, unfortunately, there are still many sites that do not 
work with mozilla, but do work with Netscape 4.77, is this a wise behaviour?


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