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Re: More boot from scsi w/ Promise ultra qs

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 08:39:13PM -0400, Alice M. Pinard wrote:
> Hmm.... my bios has a place to choose booting from scsi first instead of
> ide.... but even when I choose that there are no boot lineup
> (A,Cdrom,C; A,C; and such) choices that have 'scsi' in them... most of the
> directions I've seen where the one giving the directions used the 'boot
> from scsi' option to enable booting from their promise ultra involved
> changing to something like a A,Scsi,C or something..... 
> I did finally get a chance to note down my bios... an Award Modular Bios
> v4.51PG ... does that make a difference?

For my system to boot my promise card, I have to have "Boot other
device" enabled...

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