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Re: lilo and booting from /dev/hde question

hi ya alice

if you tried to boot from fd into /dev/hde1  and it didnt work...
my guess is your mb doesnt support booting off drives hde-hdf-hdg-hdh...

options are...
- move /dev/hde to hdd or something lower...
- reverse hda and hde on the drives ( controller cables )

- change the current hde:/etc/fstab to /dev/hda instead of /dev/hde..
	and than reboot .. might need the boot fd to boot into the new hda
	( old hde )

	add the original hda  as new hdb or hdc or hdd or...

- leave /dev/hda alone till you can get hde working... so you can recover
  from any ooppps

- getting a new mb is an overkill

c ya

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Alice M. Pinard wrote:

> Yeah.... it's me again :)
> ok... got everything copied over to the new big disk on /dev/hde
> Next obstacle.... is there a way to use lilo to boot from /dev/hde when
> it's the only hard drive on the system without doing that ide=reverse
> line?
> I tried just setting the root to /dev/hde1 on a boot floppy and I got some
> message about not being able to boot from device 300 or something (sorry,
> I was too busy trying to figure out how to get access to my hd again to
> think to write it down exactly :/ ) 

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