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Re: Bind9 problem

First, please set your mailer to wrap your lines at about 72 characters
per line. It makes composing replies much easier. Thank you.

On 3 Jun 2002, Roxik wrote:

> Hello
> I have a small problem about bind9 (9.2.0) source package.
> I'm installed and it is work, but when I change serial into my domain
> SOA zone and reload nameserwer, then recived this lines into log file:
> Jun  3 09:36:04 <host> named[18684]: zone <domain>/IN: loaded serial 2001071501
> Jun  3 09:36:04 <host> named[18684]: zone <domain>/IN: sending notifies (serial
> 2001071501)

All right, the log entries show that the notifies are actually being
sent. For more, see below...

> And nothig else... <domain> is a sample domain registered. This domain
> have primary and secondary nameserver.
> named.conf:
> zone "<domain>" in {
>     type master;
>     file "<domain>";
>     notify yes;
> };
> So my question is: Why this configuration does't send notify to
> secondary nameserwer? When Refresh (SOA) time is out, then secNS
> downloading it...

As I said above, the notifies are in fact being sent.

Older DNS servers don't understand notify messages, and they'll wait
until the refresh interval is up before pulling the new zone. That's how
it always worked before notifies were invented.

> How I can chage it?

Get the secondary server to run up-to-date DNS software, if you are

- Aaron

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