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Bind9 problem


I have a small problem about bind9 (9.2.0) source package.

I'm installed and it is work, but when I change serial into my domain SOA zone and reload nameserwer, then recived this lines into log file:

Jun  3 09:36:04 <host> named[18684]: zone <domain>/IN: loaded serial 2001071501
Jun  3 09:36:04 <host> named[18684]: zone <domain>/IN: sending notifies (serial

And nothig else... <domain> is a sample domain registered. This domain have primary and secondary nameserver.

zone "<domain>" in {
    type master;
    file "<domain>";
    notify yes;

So my question is: Why this configuration does't send notify to secondary nameserwer? When Refresh (SOA) time is out, then secNS downloading it...
How I can chage it?

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