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Re: this post is not off-topic

> it fails because it appears to be based on a false premise: that port
> specific bugs are significantly holding up the release process.

I wish this were true, but the official information is that the problems
of supporting many obscure architectures is EXACTLY what is holding up
woody. See, for example,


as well as the original May 1 non-announcement.

Also, the XFree86 packager has stated many times that the reason 4.2 has
not been relased is that he is spending time getting 4.1 working on
obscure architectures. Other maintainers (e.g. OpenLDAP) are not updating
core packages, even in unstable, until woody is released, because they
consider unstable to be only a staging ground for woody, rather than a
bleeding-edge distribution in its own right.

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