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Re: Q: cfdisk error

"Alice M. Pinard" <dmnsqrl@cybertours.com> writes:

> Trying to ready a 60g drive on a Promise Ultra card for first use. 
> used MAKEDEV to create /dev/hde
> when I did 'cfdisk /dev/hde' I got "no partition table or unknown
> signature on partition table"
> um... does that sound at all right?

ummmm.... no.

You have more than one IDE card in the machine, yes? And you're trying
to set up the system to use, at most, eight IDE drives?

The kernel is going to have to recognize the card and set up the
connections - usually done during bootstapping. During boot, does it

1) The card (Promise Ultra)
2) /dev/hde

? 'dmesg' should tell you.

OTOH, if you mean the 60g drive is new and is what is referred to in
"first use", and you just plugged it into the IDE connectors on the
mother board, you may want to use "dmesg" and see if it's on a
different device, such as /dev/hdc or /dev/hdd.

I don't understand why you had to make /dev/hde unless you have more
than one IDE operational controller in your system.


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