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Re: Spam mail question - yuppers

Noah Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> writes:

> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 06:25:40PM -0700, Alvin Oga wrote:
>> 	and the From <> is a nuisance from some spammers is a 
>> 	good thing to reject .... ( ie ... <> and "is spammer" )
>> 		- havent figured it out yet ..
> My point was that if you configure your mail server to reject mail 
> From <> then you are in violation of several RFCs and are likely to be
> placed on the DSN blacklist at rfc-ignorant.org.  Please don't do it.
> Now, if you're not the postmaster at your domain, and are only blocking
> it for your own personal mail (e.g. via ~/.procmailrc), then go ahead.
> But realize that if you do then you'll be filtering out legitimate
> messages from MAILER-DAEMON in addition to whatever spam you filter.

If you're the postmaster at your domain, use postfix and setup some
decent header/body filters to reject the mail with an appropriate
smtp-response to the sending host. Postfix is also able to pass such
<> bounces (just tested it locally). Furthermore, you're able to
filter hosts which do not have a valid hostname in their HELO/EHLO
command, which is often not setup correctly by spammers.

This is IMHO the only way to let the spammers know that they are
unwanted. Although, if I look at my logs, some of them are just
ridiculously persistent... 

Oh, and every once in a while I get caught by the debian-list.

I wrote to the listmaster twice or more already, never got an answer.
If I had too many bounces, I got kicked off the list.

I could understand this, if the number of rejects is high enough. But,
because the listserver is doing only one delivery attempt, I feel, the
number (which I haven't figured out, yet...) is currently too low.

In one case I was kicked off the list, even though there was no recent
bounce in my logs, just accepted mails. :-( This, I didn't understand.

One more nuisance: if spam hits debian-user and I get trapped by that
listserver-soft, I get kicked off any debian-* list!

If I would get kicked off the list I bounced, ok, understandable, but
_all_ lists??

Anybody else around here to answer those questions?

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