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Re: Spam mail question - yuppers

hi ya noah

yes...  it's possible to get dumped into the bl..
	( havent yet ... since i haven't implmented spamfilters
	( on some servers

	- and did get blacklisted by accident... when going to
	open relay test sites to test one of my servers...fixed
	the open relay.. resubmitted and was  out of there just
	as quickly...
		- online open relay tests

	- am experimenting though .. :-)
	and the From <> is a nuisance from some spammers is a 
	good thing to reject .... ( ie ... <> and "is spammer" )
		- havent figured it out yet ..

-- and in my silly preferences.. i do NOT even want the /dev/null to
   show up ( cluttering ) anywhere in my mail logs
	- which it currently does for some users that's been nulled

-- and another dumb preference... i dont want the spam email to even
   arrive to be be put into folders ... defeats the purpose to have to go
   look at it ... usually being a 1MB base64 attachments or html'ized
   jibberish w/ lots-o-attachments ...
	- am currently rejecting most all of the html jibberish

	( i think the senders "dead.letter" box is getting bigger 
	( which is what i like to (indirectly) see ... :-)

-- i dont have procmail or any (additional mda ) filters yet..
	- just a semi-baked but functional(?) sendmail w/ antispam turned
	on w/ check_local ...

		- has RBLs turned on and header checking
		( and is full of bugz  :-)
	- lots of playing/learning....annoying too .... fun thou...
c ya

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Noah Meyerhans wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 03:44:43PM -0700, Alvin Oga wrote:
> > 
> > sometimes ... ( lots )... more often than not...
> > i get tons of "spams" from <>  ... which i too would like to bounce/reject
> OK, but if you reject mail from <> you're likely to be blacklisted.  I
> certainly won't accept mail from domains that reject bounces!  I am
> definitely not alone in this.  I think you'd be better off trying to
> find a blacklist that isn't too fascist.  I have had luck with the
> rfc-ignorant.org blacklists and bl.spamcop.net.
> Also, by the time the message gets passed off to procmail, exim will
> already have replaced the <> with MAILER-DAEMON.  If you want to
> procmail any mail from MAILER-DAEMON, go ahead, but if I were you, I'd
> just put it in its own folder rather than /dev/null.  You are risking
> losing something useful if you filter such messages.

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