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Re: UML Modeling w/o Rational Rose

On 2002-06-03 11:40 +0000, Brian Rose <b_rose@shaw.ca> wrote:
> Are
> > there some other UML tools I've missed?  (No, dia or kuml don't count.)
> > 
> What is wrong with dia?  Is it not compatible to Rational?  Is it
> possible to write a converter between Rational and dia or
> whatever-your-favourite-is or an XML file?  (Not sure what format dia or
> Rational are.)

Almost none of the different UML tools I know are compatible with each
other.  Poseidon and ArgoUML are an exception, maybe because the first
is more or less commercial version of the latter :)  

For all I know, dia uses XML file (compressed) and Rose used something
that looked like lisp :) I'm sure you could write a converter, but how
much information would be lost in one way or the other, I can't say.  

Anyhow, there is nothing wrong with dia.  Drawing UML diagrams is
possible with dia, but compared to Rose it's just much more difficult.
If you grasp UML, just try to draw some diagrams with both of them and
tell me if you disagree.  Simple exercise would be to draw two detailed
class diagrams and one general combining the two.

Bear in mind that Rose is UML modeling tool and dia is a diagram editor.
While you can draw UML diagrams with dia, that's only part of the
solution.  You can draw a line from one class to another in dia, but it
does not fully comprehend that it's an association.. or generalization.
Sure it's drawn differently, and the information is propably there
somewhere, but dia simply is not a UML modeling tool.  It's not meant
to, and it's not even trying to.  Nothing wrong with that, it's just a
tool for a different job.

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