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Re: Unshar-ing John Walker's "texttogif.shar.gif "

on Sun, Jun 02, 2002, Paul Scott (paslist@ultrasw.com) wrote:
> Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> >I am trying to gunzip and unshar the utility "textogif" from
> >http://www.fourmilab.com/webtools/textogif/textogif.html
> >but no luck so far, gzip is refusing to unzip, saying didn't recognize the
> >format.
> >Any one knows what the problem is? If any one has the utility (perl script)
> >already unpacked, please forward it to me.
> >Thanks,
> >Tony.
> Sometimes downloads get unzipped without your knowledge and without 
> changing the file name.  Try renaming the file to textogif.shar and 
> proceeding.


    $ file textogif.shar.gz

...and see what it tells you about contents.  You can also 'cat' the
file.  A shar is a text file with special headers.  A gzip file is
mostly binary data.


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