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Re: Unshar-ing John Walker's "texttogif.shar.gif "

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
I am trying to gunzip and unshar the utility "textogif" from
but no luck so far, gzip is refusing to unzip, saying didn't recognize the
Any one knows what the problem is? If any one has the utility (perl script)
already unpacked, please forward it to me.

Sometimes downloads get unzipped without your knowledge and without changing the file name. Try renaming the file to textogif.shar and proceeding.

This is what the file sizes are:

-rw-------    1 paul     paul         8569 Jun  2 12:51 textogif.shar
-rw-------    1 paul     paul         3295 Jun  2 12:54 textogif.shar.gz

Paul Scott

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