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DHCP & reverse DNS in Linksys LAN environment

Long story short: a friend began the setup of a debian box for me (i'm
a little overbusy with work and a very long commute), wasn't familiar
with debian, never seemed to "get it," eventually gave up in

So, i'm now trying to decipher the setup of a box with stable r 6
installed. I've the details of the current LAN setup below.

>From any one of the laptops we can telnet to the Debian box's IP
address. The connection happens almost immediately (an event logged in
syslog and, depending on the telnet client, the message that
connection has been made appears). Then there is a very long wait
before the login message appears.

I'm pretty sure this is a DNS lookup issue. What I'd like to do is
configure the Debian box so that if it sees an IP in the DHCP range of
the LAN it doesn't do reverse lookup. On the other hand, if I should
be using the Lynksys box as a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf let me

My next step will be getting the box to see the outside world. I've
never set up a system using a Linksys box or in a DHCP environment.
While my friend's home network is also behind a Lynksys box, they have
a number of assigned static IPs -- they don't have the DHCP range

Thanks for any thoughts and pointers.




We have a home LAN behind a Linksys DSL router (model BEFSER41). The
Debian box has a static routing path set up in the Linksys system. The
other systems (Win ME laptop, OS X 10.1 laptop, and Win98 box) have
dynamic address. The other systems all have names available and
visible on the SMB/Microsoft Network nonsense.

There are no domain names in use locally by the laptops and Win98
box. The Debian box thinks its domain is grey-cat.net (and I plan to
eventually use something like zoneclient from
zoneclient.sourceforge.net to use that domain for the box).

telnetd is running on the Debian box.

The Debian box can ping a laptop on the LAN successfully (by IP
address); it cannot ping the outside world. A laptop can ping the
Debian box successfully (by IP address), as well as anywhere else in
the outside world .

My friend says he had the Debian box so it could connect to the 'net
from his home LAN. I've commented out all his nameservers from
resove.conf and confirmed I my ISP's nameserver specified. If I should
be using the Lynksys box as a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf let me

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