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Re: home network with mac

Thanks for all the useful suggestions, but I'm still having problems
getting things to work.  I installed netatalk, and the Mac can see my
machine, but cannot connect to it (it gives the error: files are already
mounted locally).  I then tried to ftp to the Mac, which had file
sharing on and should be a ftp server.  I got the ftp message that the
network was unreachable (since I hadn't connected to the internet).  I
wouldn't mind running an ftp server (any suggestions--there seem to be
lots), but I'm thinking the problem may be with my
/etc/network/interfaces file.  It reads:
   iface lo inet loopback
   iface eth0 inet static
Does this look correct?  I'm not sure if I need to do anything to have
my machine use the ethernet card (connected to the switch and mac) for
ftp when I haven't used the modem to dialup the internet.  I realize I'm
not being very clear here, but any help (and all the advice so far
given) is greatly appreciated.  Thanks,


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