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Re: Calendar/scheduling softwae fro debain?

There is a web based calendar called WebCal, GPL license, there is a
demo on their site. It has public and private calendars.  I've been
meaning to try it out. 


> The issue with calendaring seems to be less finding single-user
> calendar software (there's scads for GNU/Linux), but finding a way to
> distribute calendar information among users -- department and project
> orientations being most useful.
> This is where I see peer-level sharing as the real issue.  It's not a
> question of finding some place to write your own appointments (hell, I
> use 'calendar', to email myself reminders), but to share this data with
> other users.  None of the many pages I've read on this topic gives
> details on how peer-based calendaring can be shared effectively in an
> organization.
> This might be a good topic for a writeup from anyone who's done
> something similar.

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