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Re: Calendar/scheduling softwae fro debain?

"Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com> writes:

> The issue with calendaring seems to be less finding single-user
> calendar software (there's scads for GNU/Linux), but finding a way
> to distribute calendar information among users -- department and
> project orientations being most useful.

This is what the iCalendar group and friends has been working on, a
protocol that accepts and distributes this type of
information. Netscape/iPlanet has a server and to the best of my
knowledge, it impliments all or some of these standards.


> This is where I see peer-level sharing as the real issue.  It's not
> a question of finding some place to write your own appointments
> (hell, I use 'calendar', to email myself reminders), but to share
> this data with other users.  None of the many pages I've read on
> this topic gives details on how peer-based calendaring can be shared
> effectively in an organization.

At the server level, though, a user could just register the fact that
he or she is unavailable at certain times, or that a meeting is
scheduled at such-and-such time, or "ROOM 5012 is UNAVAILABLE from X -
Y", etc.

> This might be a good topic for a writeup from anyone who's done
> something similar.

I have not implimented this type of thing, personally. In fact I've
been trying to obtain a book or some other long-winded reference in a
readable format that goes over, in detail, the various protocols for
sharing appointment times, etc.

The only opensource implimentation that I'm aware of is libical. It's
been in the works for at least two years and it has a lot of support
at this point. 


The whole thing seems to be up in the air in many respects although
the idea of a calendar server is much desired and wanted throughout
the community.

Just found:
Reefknot: <http://reefknot.sourceforge.net/>

Out of curiousity, Karsten, why do you consider a peer-to-peer version
preferable to other kinds of data sharing?


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