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Marcelo Braga, 2002-Jun-01 16:16 -0300:
> **I can ping only my local interface (, but I can`t ping the
> other side (

Okay, can you ping from the remote server back to this server?  If so,
then there's a problem on the remote server, probably routing.  If you
can run a sniffer on the remote servers interface and watch it to see
if the pings are arriving, that will tell you if the network is good
or not and whether the remote server is responding properly.

I can`t ping neither from the remote server to the local server nor from the local server to the remote server.
When I try to ping from the servers on both sides, the modem`s Tx LED
get blinking, but Rx LED doesn`t.

All of the control signals on the modems are ON, which indcates that the modems, cables and the leased line are OK.

I think there is a configuration problem on the servers, but I can`t see that.

Tomorrow I will install a snifer on both of the servers, so that it helps me to find any problem.

I'm Cc'ing the list to keep this on it.  Please keep your responses on
list as well.  I'd appreciate it.



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