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Re: home network with mac

At 1023018658s since epoch (06/02/02 09:50:58 -0400 UTC), Richard Otte wrote:
> At home my kid has a Mac running osx and we'd also have a switch.  We'd
> like to connect it to my Debian machine  in such a way that we could
> transfer files between the machines.

Since OS X is just Unix underneath, you can connect using any of the
following methods (and probably others as well):

SMB (samba/netbios)
SSH (scp/rsync)
AFP (netatalk)

If you have windows machines on your network (as I do), I recommend
SMB and samba, because both windows and mac osx boxes can use it, so
you only need to set up one service. (AFS would also work, but is
harder to setup and probably overkill for a home network)

If you only have the osx box, you can set up NFS mounts, though this
requires good connectivity to the debian machine (so if the osx box is
a laptop, this not a hot idea).  If you only need intermittent
connectivity, netatalk or samba would work fine.  If you only tranfer
files once in a long wile, SSH (scp) should do fine, so long as you
don't mind a command-line interface.

FTP is easy and there are lots of programs that support it, but unless
you're running FTP on your Debian box already, one of the other
solutions would probably be better.

So, in short, Samba or Netatalk is your best bet.  Samba might be
better in general in case you ever get a windows machine, and also
because there aren't any major advantages of pure appletalk for a
simple setup like yours.


Jason Healy

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