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Re: DHCP & reverse DNS in Linksys LAN environment

On Sun, 2 Jun 2002 12:20:35 -0500
"Judith Elaine Bush" <bush@grey-cat.com> wrote:

> I haven't tested whether the long delay with telnet has gone away,
> but the Debian box can now see the rest of the world. I suspect my
> friend's Linksys box has a different LAN IP than mine.

The changes to the gateway address being used by the Debian system should
have little impact on the delay you are seeing in your telnet sessions
starting.  As I don't use telnet on my systems (I much prefer SSH) I don't
have any sure fire advice for you.  However, you may want to look into
"in.telnetd" (believe that's the daemon for telnet servers) and see if
there isn't a command line switch that controls whether a DNS lookup is
performed or not.  Then check how it's being started from your

Jamin W. Collins

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